This is an example of the agitprop being pushed by Trump this weekend (he tweeted it twice)

China’s government is communist in name only. You can’t be communist and invest in major Hollywood studios, for God’s sake. Do these people even know what words mean?

No, China didn’t give Biden billions of dollars. Or he gave it all away, since Biden is notably not a billionaire. (Throughout his career he had among the lowest net worth of US Senators.)

No, Trump isn’t the only politician China fears. China LOVES Trump in office because thanks to mismanagement of the US economy China is now on track to overtake the US as the largest economy a decade earlier.

There is currently no communist government (the usual suspects cited, like North Korea and Venezuela, are authoritarian dictatorships, less so in Venezuela’s case) existing in the world.

There is no overarching communist conspiracy to destroy America. The Soviet Union died 30 years ago. Nikita Khrushchev never made the quotes attributed to him in this video.

Google is not censoring your web searches. (Go ahead and try DuckDuckGo but Google really doesn’t care who you vote for, just what you click on.)

Blaming COVID-19 on China’s government gives them FAR too much credit.

Painting Donald Fucking Trump as the stalwart defender of truth, justice and the American way means one of two things; you have a grift or you are an idiot.

Still, it’s important to know the state of the art in enemy agitprop.

The Stab In The Back

As entertainment a while back, I used to tell the story of World War One. It was great fun at parties. I’d get rolling during work lunches at bougie little lunch places, and half of the establishment would be staring balefully at our table around the time I cut loose with my sixth “fuckheads”. Because World War One had a LOT of fuckheads.

Although the tale of everyone in Europe marching in lockstep to chaos is an interesting story, the ending isn’t, really. More of an inevitability – Germany’s failure to win naval superiority meant a choking naval blockade that threatened to starve German cities, four years of annihilation-scale trench warfare caused Germany to run short of men to throw in the meat grinder, and even with winning the Eastern Front conclusively thanks to Russia’s collapse into revolution, British tanks and newly-arrived American divisions meant that the German army could not survive.

And it didn’t. The collapse, when it finally came, was swift. The Meuse-Argonne offensive of September 1918 shattered the German Army militarily. The Austrians, for their part, always the weakest link of the Central Powers, had broken the back of their army trying to force the Alpine passes into Italy and failing, and were the first to surrender in October.

The German Navy, which to this point had spent much of the last half of the war in port rather than meet the overwhelming firepower of the Royal Navy, at this time decided it was time to make an honorable last sally at the enemy. Rather than die gloriously for Kaiser and country, the German sailors revolted. The revolution spread quickly throughout the starving, defeated cities of Germany, and the Kaiser fled the country. The fighting in what was now the German Revolution continued for another year, but World War One was over.

Those are the facts. They’re fairly indisputable. They happened in full view of everyone concerned; a great many of the decision makers were quite open in what they did and why.

Except they were disputed, only a decade later. German right wingers, some of which wanted to bring back the disgraced Kaiser, others who wanted a more modern, Italian-style “fascist” state, had to explain why Germany collapsed, instead of beating the entire Western alliance through tenacity and elan.

They blamed the Jews. And the intellectuals. And the workers. And the communists. All of these people stabbed the noble German soldier in the back, while he was fighting for Kaiser and country. If not for the treasonous rabble who betrayed Germany, the war would have been won, the Great Depression would not have happened, and the misery imposed as punishment by the Versailles Treaty (the final act of “fuckheadedness” of World War 1) would instead have been visited on Germany’s enemies.

Educational Film: The Weimar Republic – Stab-in-the-Back Legend - YouTube

It didn’t matter that this was all in the recent, living memory of everyone involved. It didn’t matter that even a cursory glance at what happened explains quite sufficiently that Germany could not have won the war, by any means.

It didn’t matter, because the lies were more seductive than the reality. It told people what they wanted to hear. They didn’t want to be the losers of the Great War, they wanted to be the victims of the Stab In The Back.

A poll that came out today showed that 50% of Republicans believe Donald Trump will be inaugurated for a second term as President next month.

Election 2020: It’s All Over But The Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth

Trump and his team of attorneys on crack have been trying to convince states not to certify Biden’s slates of electors to finish the job, elect Joe Biden President, unleash the Seventh Seal of the Libpocalypse, and unleash Alexandria Ocasio-Bahamut unto a defenseless world, to slaughter and provide free health care to whomever she spies.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, for progressive Democrat-Final Fantasy crossover fans) they failed. Today both Arizona and, later, Wisconsin, the two states remaining, certified Biden as the victor.

Arizona Gov. ignores White House 'Hail to the Chief' call, while certifying  election results

Notably, Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona certified the election results – not only while Rudy Guiliani was holding a “hearing” populated by Rep. Paul Gosar (Crazy Wingnut-AZ) and a few other assorted cranks explaining how the Chavez family of Venezuela conspired to shift millions of votes from Trump to Biden – but, in a moment captured on video, was called by the White House literally while he was signing the paperwork. He shook his head, put his phone to one side unanswered, and kept signing. Which really is the best illustration of how Trump’s campaign to convince everyone, most of all himself, that he won the election and remains President and really IS the best boy of all, has finally ended.

The remaining steps are the electoral college formally meeting in 2 weeks, followed by Biden taking the oath of office on January 20. Both of these will happen. There is no court case that could remotely stop this from happening – the most absolute outlier of a chance, involving multiple judges turning sudden QAnon believers and passing Rudy’s risible lawsuits up the chain, would flip one state, possibly two. There simply aren’t even enough lawsuits in process to affect the result any more, much less ones with any hope of success.

Yet Trump soldiers on, because he believes he really is President, as he snarled churlishly to a reporter on Thanksgiving Day. He really believes he is the best boy of all. And right now what administration is left to him is repeating that to him.

There aren’t many left. Attorney General Bill Barr, sensibly for his reputation, has been missing in action, a fact Trump complained about among others in a long, whine-filled cry of lament to a remarkably agreeable Maria Bartiromo Sunday morning.

Trump promised on Thanksgiving (just before he snarled to a reporter that he was the President and the reporter was “lightweight”, because none of the reporters present were reassuring Trump that he really was the best boy of all) that if the electoral college votes for Biden, then of course he will leave the White House on schedule. He then complained on Twitter that the reporters (lightweights all, who would not acknowledge he was the President or the best boy of all) fixated on that promise of a normal succession and not the implicit fact that of COURSE Trump would win the electoral college ballot, because Trump wins everything.
There are signs he honestly believes this.

He is preparing a fallback scenario though – in true Trumpian temper tantrum fashion, he is apparently planning to upstage the inauguration by holding a campaign rally at the same time, announcing his bid for the 2024 Presidency. He honestly believes that this will gain more media attention, and more of an audience, than Biden’s being inaugurated President.

Because he is the best boy of all. Everyone tells him so.

Last week, before the Thanksgiving holiday, over 4 million Americans contracted COVID-19. Trump’s only thought for them was, during the Thanksgiving appearance where he was not a lightweight because he is the President, that he created the coming vaccine. To quote directly. “The vaccines – and by the way, don’t let Joe Biden take credit for the vaccine. . . . Don’t let him take credit for the vaccines, because the vaccines were me

While going to play golf instead of attending boring meetings on pandemic management, deriding the concept of basic social distancing, and mocking his opponent and others for wearing masks and explicitly saying mask-wearing was a political attack against him personally, and making it difficult to impossible for the immigrant researchers and investors who actually developed the vaccines to remain in the country with their families, he, Trump, le vaccin, c’est moi. They were him. He is the vaccine. He is Trump, and he is the President, and you are not, and never will be, because you are a lightweight.

Because he is the best boy of all. Everyone must tell him so.

Election 2020: Disavow The Kraken!

Trump campaign legal team distances itself from Powell | AP News

I mentioned Friday evening that “it’s apparent they’re [Republicans] waiting for Trump’s train of attempted sedition to derail on its own, which it appears will almost certainly happen, if not over the weekend, by Wednesday at the latest.”

Wednesday was FAR too optimistic; Trump’s effort to overturn the election essentially dissolved over the weekend.

Saturday evening, a Pennsylvania judge not only dismissed Guiliani’s lawsuit, he destroyed it from the bench. “In the United States of America, this [lawsuit] cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters of its sixth most populated state,” he wrote. “Our people, laws and institutions demand more.” Guiliani immediately responded that this was fine, actually, and he didn’t like the Pennsylvania district court anyway and was taking his ball and going straight to the Supreme Court. There is one more tier of courts to have the suit dismissed by first, and that will probably happen on Monday.

Sunday morning, the news discussion shows were full of ex-Trump staff members and current advisors saying that the time for contesting the election was over. Among them were (unsurprisingly) John Bolton, (somewhat surprisingly) H. R. McMaster (a truly gifted wartime commander whose service under Trump will sadly forever be an asterisk to his record) and, shockingly, Chris Christie, who has painted himself as a pro-Trump partisan ever since he loyally knifed Marco Rubio back in the 2015 debates. Christie: “They allege fraud outside the courtroom, but when they go inside the courtroom, they don’t plead fraud and they don’t argue fraud. Elections have consequences, and we cannot continue to act as if something happened here that didn’t happen.”

As if that wasn’t enough, one third of Donald Trump’s TEAM NINJA ELITE LEGAL OTTER STRIKE FORCE, Sidney “Release the Kraken” Powell, was told under no uncertain terms she was on her own Sunday afternoon. As Tucker Carlson discovered earlier this week, when pressed with unreasonable demands regarding her arcane conspiracy accusations such as “provide some/any proof at all”, she responds with more accusations. After being suspended from Twitter for apparently threatening Gov. Kemp of Georgia (a staunch pro-Trump Republican, at least until last week), the Trump campaign issued a brief press release stating the Kraken was released from further service.

In record time, leaks hit news sources that the reason she was let go was that she was too crazy for even Donald Trump. Which, to be fair, is an awfully impressive accomplishment when Rudy Giuliani is RIGHT THERE. For her part, Powell notified reporters that “the Kraken is on steroids”, so hide your kids, I guess.

This all seems suspiciously like the few non-insane maniacs left within the Trump White House trying to impose some sort of exit strategy. Up until this point, the only exit strategy apparent was contracting COVID-19, something White House staffers share with a truly disturbing level of Americans, who are travelling this holiday week in the millions. Please, stay home.

Election 2020: Friday Night Surprise! Democracy Still Exists!

As part of his ongoing autogolpe (a Spanish term literally meaning “self-coup”, where a government tries to take over as a more authoritarian version of itself; previously restricted to places like Peru) Trump met with the Republican leaders of the Michigan state legislature, presumably to ask them to obey the will of the voters as the law requires. There’s absolutely no other reason he’d want to speak to them privately, right?

Trump tries to leverage power of office to subvert Biden win | AP News

In any event, if Trump expected another result, he didn’t get it. The two leaders made a joint statement immediately after leaving Trump’s office stating that the will of the voters would be respected, and any accusations of fraud should be handled in a court of law. So much for the autogolpe. Georgia certified its newly recounted vote officially today, Michigan and Pennsylvania are set to certify their vote on Monday, and Nevada on Tuesday. At that point the oncoming wall called “mathematics” kicks in, and the only possible hope for Trump to remain in power (short of a violent military coup) is to convince electors nominated by the Biden team to switch their vote and become faithless electors. This is somewhat unlikely. There are no further delaying tactics and courtroom maneuvers that can be made.

Although Tucker Carlson, normally a big fan of Trump-favoring conspiracy theories, expressed horror at Guiliani and company’s lack of evidence for the wild accusations they made on Wednesday (“Look, we cover UFO stories! We’re open to anything here!”) the vast majority of Republicans (aside from the usual suspects like Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse) refused to acknowledge that, you know, the President throwing a weeks-long temper tantrum might be bad. It’s apparent they’re waiting for Trump’s train of attempted sedition to derail on its own, which it appears will almost certainly happen, if not over the weekend, by Wednesday at the latest.

Almost 200,000 people contracted COVID-19 today, including the President’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. There is still absolutely no attempt by the federal government to do anything at all about this, and in many states medical systems are close to collapse. The Trump follies are rapidly becoming a luxury this country can no longer afford to indulge in.