The Corona Grift

We’ve had so much apocalyptic news hitting us every day, some falls through the cracks. I never noticed this hit the news, for example – it’s the official report of Trump’s business group put in charge of brainstorming how to “reopen the country”

Would You Like To Know More?: Propaganda and Starship Troopers – Nitehawk  Cinema
  • “faith-based organizations should be treated equally with secular organizations” – because clearly subsidizing evangelical “charities” is a priority during a pandemic
  • “Department of Health and Human Services should do more to encourage innovation in medicine” – aka lifting constraints on ‘prescribing’ unproven treatments if it makes $$$
  • “review all regulations that inhibit economic growth… …[including] the so-called independent agencies and commissions such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission” – it’s harder to make Number go up if there are RULES!
  • “The Commission recommends that the President direct agencies not to enforce a range of regulations against small businesses” – those annoying rules again, they haven’t been completely destroyed yet, let’s finish the job!
  • “reduce tariffs to spur economic growth” – good luck with that one, have you noticed who the president is lately?
  • “The Commission recommends that Congress enact a physical presence standard for tax liability. ” – in other words, states can no longer demand Internet merchants collect state taxes on online sales. Isn’t that great?
  • “The Commission recommends that Congress should correct unemployment insurance (UI) provisions and increase workers’ flexibility” – yeah, that $600 a week benefit you’re giving the unemployed? We don’t like that. We weren’t paying people that much, you see. (And yes, they literally state that – ” This benefit makes it possible for a majority of Americans to make more money by becoming unemployed than by remaining employed”)
  • “The Commission recommends that Congress make federal funding portable for children from low income families and children with special needs.” – aka, allow federal relief to go to religious and for-profit schools, because who needs public schools any more?
    And the big one, of course:
  • “The Commission recommends that Congress should expand liability protections associated with the novel coronavirus.” While we’re here, could we have a get out of jail free card? That’d be greeeeeat.

Read it for yourself. I’m sure I missed something. This is the most blatant state/crony capitalist power grab carried out in plain sight in recent memory, and it barely rated a blip.

Make The Hurting Stop

President Trump's press conference calls out two enemies: coronavirus and  the media – Poynter

The media starting tomorrow needs to stop carrying Trump’s COVID-19 press conferences live.

1) Trump’s scripted-opening-which-is-read-in-a-bored-monotone-because-Trump-hates-working rarely has actual news, and if it does it usually leaks before hand.

2) The second part, where he takes questions and very rarely deigns to answer them, is a campaign rally disguised as a press conference. He abuses reporters constantly for not praising him for what a great job he’s doing (something that literally no reporter ever does, even on Fox) and rants and raves hysterically with almost no connection to actual events. He hypes companies and products he has a personal business stake in. He denigrates political opponents. He acts like a child. This REALLY does not need to be carried live as a news event.

3) Eventually he gets bored and lets the adults speak. Sometimes there’s no time left for them to. Good thing we’re not in an existential crisis or anything.

This needs to stop, and the media needs to stop being complicit. Fox will of course continue to carry them live. Who cares. The administration will throw a temper tantrum and threaten to remove access (as they already did with Fauci and CNN). Who cares.

It’s difficult to explain how much of a joke this is, because we’ve become used to such bad behavior. But this is REALLY bad. And it needs to stop. Now. And that is on the media, because the administration is run by a narcissistic four year old who likes to see himself yell things.

Everything’s Great, Y’all

Note: Jared Kushner is directing the White House pandemic response.

“The notion of the federal stockpile was it’s supposed to be our stockpile. It’s not supposed to be states stockpiles that they then use. Some governors you speak to or senators, and they don’t know what’s in their state.”

Kushner’s last job was in bringing about peace in the Middle East. Before that he lost approximately $1.4 billion while managing real estate. His management style is reputed to involve screaming profanities at people when not stabbing them in the back to the media. Our President has said repeatedly he is the most capable staff member in the administration.

Because of his being so far in over his head, and by all evidence utterly convinced of his own ability, thousands of people will die.

He Knows, And You Don’t

Donald Trump

Trump: I Don’t Believe You Need That Many Ventilators – Politico

He knows more than the experts, because he just does.

He knows more about pandemics than scientists and doctors, because it’s just common sense.

He knows that hospitals don’t need thousands of ventilators for COVID-19 patients because they only need 2 when there aren’t any COVID-19 patients.

He knows that there isn’t really a pandemic, it’s just a vicious plot to make his poll numbers fall.

He knows that if he just pretends to be a “wartime leader” long enough, he will be loved and adored without actually having to do anything.

He knows people you know will die, but since they aren’t people he knows, it doesn’t matter.

A Brief Historical Anecdote From China

In Qin dynasty China (221-206 BC), every day, workers were told to be on time or else they would be put to death. This was normal, as most punishments were harsh as to dissuade insubordination, so everyone lived with their heads bowed to the Emperor, as was thought proper.

One day after a rough night, a group of workers for a quarry realized that they were going to be several minutes late to work and there was no way to arrive on time. Not seeing them, their foreman marked their names down and smirked, having just penned an order for a new set of workers.

One young worker who was new to the ways of the world then asked his coworkers, “Why is everyone crying? What is the penalty for being late?”

And they responded, wailing, “Death!”

He thought about this and then asked, “Well, what is the penalty for rebellion?”

“Death!” they replied.

They all stopped wailing, for they realized they had nothing to lose.

The Qin Dynasty by: Kaelie Dillon timeline | Timetoast timelines

Within a few years, the Qin had been overthrown.