I Am Not Making Any Of This Up And Really Kind Of Wish I Were

9/11/2012: The US Consulate in Benghazi is overrun by heavily armed militants during a demonstration and several people are killed. Among them are the US Ambassador to Libya and one of his aides, Sean Smith, better known among Eve Online players as “Vile Rat”, chief diplomatic officer of Goonswarm.

While online Eve players (who previously were known chiefly for hating each other to the point of violence) united to commemorate Smith, the attack becomes a political football in the US Presidential campaign.

Glenn Beck figures out the real story behind Sean Smith’s death: Goonswarm Is Literally The CIA.

…and he noticed that they’re watching all three [exits]. What does he do? Nah, he doesn’t call the White House, he doesn’t call the State Department, the, uh, embasssy in Tripoli. He calls a gaming website. Which is the first thing I would do. I’m like, I gotta check with my pals on the gaming website. And he writes: “We’re in Benghazi. At a safehouse. If we get out of this one alive, I’ll let you know. There are people watching all three exits.”  Gang… he’s not telling his friendly gamers. He’s a CIA agent. He is telling people – this is where we are, help us! …

I don’t understand how anyone could ever even begin to…

Oh. Well, OK.

From George “the Mittani” Soros’ website comments:

Welp, guys. I’m going to have to find a new game to relay messages from. Glenn Beck is too smart for the ole CIA.

Longtime readers of this blog, of course, will know that I predicted this four years ago. I am still not making any of this up.


20 thoughts on “I Am Not Making Any Of This Up And Really Kind Of Wish I Were

    • Yes it does. City of Heroes was the CIA front organization for their operations in Iraq. Now that it’s winding down, they can merge those teams into the normal CIA operations groups and use the main front (World of Warcraft) for operations in that area.

  1. Toastrider says:

    *looks at the link*

    Glenn’s not the only one who needs to take a break, methinks. Lum’s caught election fever too it seems.

      • ThirteenthLetter says:

        No, the point is that for more than a week the Obama admin was insisting this was some kind of “spontaneous demonstration” that got out of hand, blaming it on some random YouTube video trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist, when in fact it was a carefully planned terrorist attack, which we were warned about in advance, on a consulate that through the State Department’s own incompetence was almost completely undefended. Leading to the first assassination of a US Ambassador in decades.

        In summary, the administration didn’t want to admit that their entire Middle East strategy is in tatters, so it flat-out lied. But it’s cool, it’s much more important that some ex-TV host has a crazy conspiracy theory. Four more years!

        • Actually no one knows *what* the actual story was at this point, including you, Glenn Beck, the US administration, and the Libyans themselves, who actually make “Middle East strategy” by virtue of living there.

          It’s much more important *to this blog* that Glenn Beck is accusing Goonswarm of being a CIA cover organization than the usual political finger-pointing, 99% of whom (and I include politicians of both stripes in that assessment) have no idea what goes on in the world beyond their own parochial world view which assumes that anything 5 miles outside US borders is irrelevant.

          • Arkazon says:

            I’m sad that the kooky political extremists found this blog. 🙁 Now I bet the Tractors will need Super PAC backing.

          • Jeff Campbell says:

            What’s sad is that this *became* a kooky political extremest blog. Remember when Lum was a reasonable libertarian-ish guy and not a proud owner of Obama autographed knee-pads?

          • Tilon says:

            “Actually no one knows *what* the actual story was at this point”

            Hey Scott, get a clue. People don’t bring mortars and RPGs to spontaneous video demonstrations.

            Besides, there are numerous accounts that say there was no protest outside the area prior to the coordinated attack.

            They knew within hours it was a terrorist attack.

            They lied. Stop drinking the kool-aid, it’s making you look like a partisan shill.

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