Happiness is a Warm OS

…bang! bang! shoot! shoot!

Installed Windows Vista Beta 2: Wednesday
Reinstalled Windows XP: Monday

Well, it’s almost there! The deal breaker for me was having to run crappy WDDM video drivers that broke 80% of my games and made half of the remainder run in “Runs Like Ass” mode. Yeah, I’m sure NVidia will issue Vista-Drivers-That-Actually-Install-On-My-Machine And-Don’t-Just-Forlornly-Refuse-To-Run real soon now, but life’s too short.

Oh, and Vista is going to require at least 2g of RAM. Just a heads up. In case you like shiny OS skins or DirectX 10!

Yes, I’m an OS whore. I’ll run ANYTHING. Heck, I ran WoW in Linux for a while just because I could. I am really not the person you should be taking OS advice from.

(On the other hand, I can recommend the Office 2007 beta unreservedly. It hasn’t destroy any of my critical work data yet!)

(Oh, and “Piggies” from the Beatles’ White Album. You should get that, too.)


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