Notes from the Republic of Texas


  • Most important observation of the week: apparently, 2 liter bottles of soda do not exist here. It’s 3 liters or nothin’. I’m sort of befuddled by this.
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  • The weather’s extremely beautiful. I’m told this is the only time it’s ever like this, so am duly enjoying it.
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  • I still don’t have my Internet feed at home (it’s due to be set up this weekend). However, a neighbor of mine was kind enough to leave his or her wireless router unsecured, which I am being very gentle with. It’s only fair, we have a neighbor who has, in the short time we’ve been living here, moved from asking my wife for a smoke every time she passes (which, oddly enough, is every time my wife retires to the patio for a smoke) to merely taking one as she comes by to say Hi. I guess sharing is popular. Who knew Texas was a communist society!
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  • Speaking of communism, this is on my wall at work. Thanks go out to Sanya’s father, who is gamely serving his country in an outpost of the ex-USSR and brought back lots of kitsch.
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  • At work I’ve been on the job 3 days and no one has yet told me I’m smoking crack. Clearly they are not used to me!

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