December 2001

A semi-occasional list of Cool Things:

A semi-occasional list of Cool Things:

Europa Universalis 2. I keep playing as the Ottoman Empire, trying to re-unite the Muslim Caliphate and eventually sweep over the heathen Venetians (anyone who plays EU or EU2 will develop quite a healthy distaste for the Venetians, lemme tell ya). I can usually take over the Byzantines by 1450 but when I start sweeping eastward into Armenia and Syria Aragon and Venice tend to 0wnzeriz3 me.

Final Fantasy X for the PS2. Maybe I’m easily impressed, but when you can BARELY TELL the difference between in-engine game sequences and rendered animations, the bar just got raised.

Junichiro Koizumi, the Prime Minister of Japan. When a North Korean spy ship got sunk in Japanese waters and the North Koreans spouted the usual bluster, Koizumi said in response, “They say a lot of things, don’t they?”. That just struck me as too ineffably cool for words.

Yay. Another weblog.Don’t expect much

Yay. Another weblog.

Don’t expect much about gaming here — if you haven’t figured out my opinions on the subject yet, the paleozoic links to the right should serve as a helpful reminder. Mainly this site is just so that I can mouth off on a semi-irregular basis about whatever leaps to mind.

I’ve been reading the Banned of Lum the Mad a lot lately. It’s a vice. Like a chapter in my life that refuses to close. Or maybe I’m just fascinated by all these people talking about me as if I’m some case study in corruption and evil. Finally, I’ve found folks with an opinion of me worse than my own. Victory!

One post made recently stuck out.

Had Scott recused himself, and everyone else at LTM who had personal or vested interests in Mythic from making any decisions concerning news, rants, comments or bannings while he was there and **involved** one way or another with Mythic and/or Mark Jacobs; had Scott simply pulled the plug on LTM (fired everyone, donated the funds to charity, wiped the site clean) and then kept his mouth shut after he went to work there, then there would be no concern about hypocrisy; as for “selling out”, he could have simply stated that he felt he could do more good for the industry from the inside and that was his decision.

Weirdly enough, I agree. Completely. I should have recused myself completely from the LTM/SND mess. And the only real way for me to have done that would have been for me to shut it down when I left.

Unfortunately I was too stupid/selfish/self-absorbed/cowardly to do so. I didn’t want LtM to die. So I left the people behind twisting in the wind, until they finally ate each other in an orgy of recrimination and drama. And I bear a level of responsibility for that. A pretty hefty one.

And when SND start blowing apart, the last thing I should have been doing was involving myself in it. But I did. As everyone knows, I broke SND’s engine. A really stupid/selfish/self-absorbed/cowardly thing to do, that. It was wrong. Period. End of sentence. In one flick of a wrist, I neatly destroyed everything I had worked on the past few years, on many levels.

At any rate, it’s over and done with. Hopefully the principals involved are a bit wiser now.

Hopefully I am.

“And that’s all I’ve got to say about that”

which reminds me, I need to punch you in the kidneys next time we meet…

Mr. Poppinfresh